At GoodCompany we connect those who can give with those in need to bring out the best in everyone

We're New Zealand's first Unified Workplace Giving Platform

Connecting New Zealand's best companies to New Zealand's best charities to give their...


Plant trees, repair yards, make lunches, team build, give back and do good!


Put your skills and talents to the test. Whatever your skills, skilled volunteering will bring out your best!


With so many companies matching staff donations $ for $ there has never been a better time to fundraise, donate and support a cause!

Would you like to join us? You'll be in good company.

Looking for more giving ideas, check these out..

Charity Gift Cards

Buy a Charity Gift Voucher for your loved one and let them choose from hundreds of charities and projects they would like to support. Who needs another photo frame, or a vase when you can make the world a better place instead?

Redeem a Charity Gift Voucher you received as a gift. Choose which charity or project you would like to support and in an instant, you will feel waves of good karma flooding your way.

Send a Charity Gift CardRedeem a charity gift card

Charity Gift Registries

Create a Gift Registry and enjoy a break from unwanted gifts. Who needs another photo frame anyway? Let your loved ones know which charities and causes you would like them to support on your behalf and you can measure your impact once your list is complete.

Start a gift registry

Loyalty Programs

We've partnered with many companies to improve their loyalty programs. We've love to speak with you about how we could power yours.

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