Stay Kind community message that reaches 5000 people ($10) - AUD $10

Stay Kind

Stay Kind community message that reaches 5000 people ($10)

We started as a Family Foundation to protect young people like Thomas Kelly and Stuart Kelly, Thomas was killed by one punch at 18 and his younger brother Stuart died by suicide, also at 18.  Stay Kind evolved to become a national movement of kindness. We are more determined than ever to keep our youth safe through a kinder Australia.

Kindness is the true currency of humanity. Each and everyone of us benefits when giving or receiving an act of kindness. As a youth centric organisation we see national kindness ultimately benefiting the mental and physical health of our youth and keeping them safe from bullying, violence, hazing and suicide.  There is an abundance of research globally that supports kindness as a critical and powerful grass-roots social value that prevents harm in communities and in workplaces.  It feels good to do good and empowers people to be the support that others are hoping for.

In Australia tragically we already lose more than one young person every day to suicide.  With the current COVID-19 pandemic our communities and people need kindness like never before. Your support will enable us to activate and inspire kindness across the nation so that people feel supported, do not lose hope or give up. Kindness is also contagious.  $10 will fund a sponsored social media post for a day for up to 5000 people  That’s a lot of people feeling good!

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