Help protect our Longfin eels - NZD $10

Conservation Volunteers New Zealand

Help protect our Longfin eels

It’s no wonder tuna (longfin eel) are considered a taonga (treasure), having graced lakes, swamps, rivers and streams for more than 23 million years. A range of pressures have had a significant impact on longfin numbers over the past fifty years. Threats include fishing, pollution, habitat loss, erosion, drainage and irrigation schemes and river diversions. Poor understanding of the species has led to negative human-eel interactions and general disregard for the important role this species plays in fresh water ecosystems. The survival of this species is intricately linked to healthy waterways that involve community action in their protection.

Your donation will help Conservation Volunteers New Zealand’s longfin eel recovery programme, Wild Futures, that includes replanting our riparian margins, cleaning waterways, installing eel hotels for shelter, ladders to allow eels to move up our waterways, pest control, advocacy and educational events with schools, youth and community groups. These are actions that will help create a healthy environment for our longfin eels to thrive and survive.