Charity FAQs

Does it cost anything to register?

It is free for a charity to register with GoodCompany if you would like to submit a project for which you need volunteers. If you would like to be set up to accept donations, there is a small annual fee.

How much does it cost?

Charities pay an annual membership fee of $300+GST or $540+GST for two years. There is no other collection, administration, handling or processing charges. Membership gives you access to the portal. 


How do we cover our costs?

Businesses cover the cost of Workplace Giving programs to ensure that 100 per cent of staff donations reach your charity. All other donations only incur the bank processing fees of 2.9% + 30c on top of the original total donation value.  This ensures that 100% of the money given to a charity, gets to that charity. 

Can I be setup just for volunteering?

Yes. Please indicate your preference for volunteering on your Charity account details

Can I be setup to just accept donations?

Yes. Please indicate on your Charity account details that the preference is to be set up to accept donations only

I think I am registered for volunteering but now want to accept donations. How do I do this?

Log in to your existing account and tick the donations box. You will be automatically directed to complete banking details and to pay the annual fee.

How do I register my Charity with GoodCompany?

Stage 1: Click Sign Up (top right hand corner) Stage 2: Click on 'Are you are a Charity' click here button (Charity Details page will be revealed) Stage 3: Enter your Charity's name and click Check Name to ascertain if your organisation is already registered (if so, please contact GoodCompany to understand next steps) Stage 4: If your Charity is not already registered, please complete Charity Details page noting in particular if you are registering to accept Volunteers and/or Donations. Stage 5: When Charity Details page is complete, click REGISTER After you have completed the above stages, your Registration will be submitted to GoodCompany for review. You will be advised by email when your Registration is approved (or denied).

Can other people from my organisation submit volunteer projects?

Yes. There can be multiple user accounts for your organisation. 1. Login 2. Click on Charity (which will reveal several options in the left hand navigation panel) 3. Click on Users (this will then list all the users associated with your organisation) 4. Click on Invite Users and enter the email address of the person you are wanting to add as a user of this account. This will send an email to the invitee, advising them of your invitation. Once the invitee accepts your invitation (by email) they will be added to the account.

Can you give me some tips on writing good volunteer projects? Yes.

The most successful GoodCompany volunteer projects are made up of several simple ingredients. Once you get all these ingredients right, you have a much greater chance of receiving applications from volunteers. If you haven't had any success finding a volunteer, there are several reasons why this may be occurring. Have you selected a catchy and informative title? Have you provided the volunteer with a clear and concise request for their help? Have you selected the most appropriate skill category(ies)? Have you provided an indication of the time commitment required to complete the task?

Will the volunteer project be published immediately?

All volunteer projects (and edits to projects) will be reviewed by GoodCompany prior to being published to the GoodCompany website. This review will be completed within 2 business days of the project submission.

Can I receive more that one application for each project I have posted?

Yes, multiple applications can be received for the one role. Once you make an initial review of the application, you can 'shortlist' an applicant (with a view to following up with an interview) or deny an applicant (this applicant will be politely advised by GoodCompany that the application will not be proceeding).

Do the volunteer projects have an expiry date?

No. Management of the volunteer project is up to you as our system is totally flexible ie once your volunteer project is approved, you choose the length of time it is to remain published (when you have enough applications, simply select 'hide'), you can choose to edit the project, you can choose to republish ('live') a project that has previously been hidden or you can choose to totally delete any project that did not receive any applications. GoodCompany does conduct audits of all volunteer projects on the site.

Can I delete a volunteer project from the site?

Yes. You can delete a volunteer project that has not received any applications by logging into your account and selecting delete. If a project has received applications, the project cannot be deleted.

Does GoodCompany screen it's volunteers?


ompany does not screen volunteers from the public. Please use your application process to screen your volunteers.