“Our experiences with GoodCompany have always been positive. Their website is user friendly and the staff go above and beyond to help source volunteers for our events. Their investment in the process is invaluable. ” 

-- Susanne Audsley,  Program Coordinator. E.motion21


“Since 2007 EWB has raised over $40,000 through the Karma Currency and GoodCompany platforms, which has made a significant contribution towards our programs in Australia and overseas. It is quick and easy to set up and manage. We also love that Karma Currency promotes sustainable and unique gift giving that makes a meaningful difference.”

-- Katie Shozi, Communications Coordinator,  Engineers Without Borders Australia


“Working with GoodCompany has been a breeze, allowing us to advertise our many positions which have been filled by fantastic volunteers, many within a couple of days. The personalised service works incredibly well for charities, the public and corporates alike, allowing easier and more consistent engagement for everyone through either volunteering, donations or both.”

-- Gail de Raadt, National Business Partnerships Manager, Special Olympics Australia


 “Just incredible. It makes such a difference having someone who is already professionally skilled – not just in their area of expertise, but in their capacity to see how it all fits together.Many thanks to GoodCompany for enabling this. You are such a valuable resource to Softacare and are helping transform the lives of children in foster and kinship care by sending us great people like Katrina!”

-- Wendy John, Vice President of Softacare