Empowering your staff to give Time, Talent and Treasure.

Workplace Giving Technology helps Spread the Love

Supporting many charities, GoodCompany's Unified One Stop Workplace Giving Platform empowers staff to give their Time, Talent and Treasure.

Giving TimeWe'll help match your staff to hundreds of charities requiring hands on volunteering. From planting trees to cooking meals, running fundraising events to wrapping Christmas gifts we'll be sure to find the right roles, for the right groups, at the right time.

Giving Talent: Less 'hands' and more 'head', giving Talent or what we called Skilled Volunteering is where your staff get put their skills to the test. Our workplace giving platform will match your best and brightest to skilled volunteering roles across New Zealand. Accountants, designers, bookkeepers, lawyers, IT professionals are in hot demand for corporate volunteering roles today, but with new roles posted daily, your staff will be sure to find a perfect volunteering match.

Giving Treasure: With just a small pre-tax donation from their pay, your staff now have access to the largest range of charitable projects in the world. With many projects on offer they can help parents who are struggling to feed their kids, fund researches looking for cures, protect neglected animals, assist villagers without access to clean water and more. And if you company chooses to match $ for $, together you can double the impact of your workplace giving program!

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