We currently have many skilled volunteers registered with GoodCompany. It's an army who stand ready to help. Indeed there is nothing typical about this heroic group of men and women but for want of a better word...

A typical GoodCompany volunteer:

• Works full time and is eligible for a one-two day(s) paid volunteer leave from their employer

• Is time poor and looking for a short, yet meaningful volunteer project

• Expects timely and open communication

• Is a professional in their field

• Looking for a volunteer project that matches their skills.

• Possibly has little understanding of NFPs and the differences between working in a corporate and NFPs

Please note: Volunteers are not screened by GoodCompany nor are they required to pay a membership fee. Please use your application process to screen potential volunteers as you would any other potential employee.


Volunteer Survey Results

For the geek in all of us, please feel free to review our survey results on the ages, motivations and success factors of volunteers registered with GoodCompany.

What is the typical age range of volunteers?  

<20 years - 0.4%

20-29 years - 17.6%

30-39 years - 39.2%

40-49 -19.2%

50-59 years - 14.8%

60+years - 8.8%


What were your two main motivations for joining GoodCompany?

Give back to the community - 72.5%

Learn more about community sector - 13.7%

To volunteer my skills - 66.2%

To gain experience - 31.4%

Network with other professionals - 14.7%

Help link my company with community - 3.4%


What are the two most important factors when contemplating a volunteer project?

Matches my skills - 75.0%

Suits my time availability - 62.3%

Work required is clearly articulated - 19.6%

Matches my social interest - 21.6%

Nature of the charity - 28.4%

Other -1.0%